Nancy Gives Us A Taste Of The Childhood We Never Had In “Teenage Fantasy”

A lush, dreamy pop portrait of a cooler childhood

Photo: Courtesy of Super Cat PR

Generally speaking, childhood itself is pretty cool – it’s tax-free and you have so much free time. But it could’ve been cooler, like Peter Pan-level cooler. UK-based artist Nancy captures that feeling of nostalgia and longing in his new single “Teenage Fantasy” where he suspends us into a luscious soundscape of fizzling synths and misty vocals. We all wish we could go back to those irresponsible glorious days and taken more advantage of that timeless feeling – that’s “Teenage Fantasy” for you:

“‘Teenage Fantasy’ is your first glimpse into my world. A peak behind the curtain before the matinee begins. I am the pop culture that you all love, chewed up and spat out back onto the canvas. Teenage Fantasy is the song I hear when I dream. It wakes me up nostalgic for a time that never existed. It is the soundtrack to the childhood I never had and the road map to a future I can’t predict. It’s Nancy…” shared Nancy.

The track is from Nancy’s upcoming debut EP Mysterious Visions, which will be out on November 9th.