Take An EDM Flight With Van Bobbi’s “Amelia Earhart” (Afterglo Remix)

Like chilling in the airplane

Photo: Courtesy of Mora May Agency

LA-based artist Van Bobbi has dropped the Afterglo remix of “Amelia Earhart” so you can blast it while you’re flying via your favorite means of aerial transportation. Plane, chopper, weed, jet, air balloon, and shit like that. The song is EDM in the sense that you can dance to it, but it’s also just a chill track that captures the buoyant feeling of being in air. You know that weird comfort you experience in airplanes where you get a temporary relief from all your ground level problems? Yup, that’s it:

Van Bobbi either sucks at self-promo or he’s too busy taking 2-3 baths a day, so you won’t find much about who he really is online. As mysterious as the disappearance of Amelia.