Capital Punishment Announce New EP

Remember that post punk band Ben Stiller used to be in?

Photo: Dave Stekert

Capital Punishment is returning with a new EP titled This Is Capital Punishment on November 23rd via Captured Tracks. You probably know or heard of them as being that post-punk band that Ben Stiller used to be part of back in high school. The members – Kriss Roebling, Peter Zusi, Peter Swann, and Ben – all went on pursuing different things separately. Well, it’s been 35 years since the band disbanded and after Captured Tracks got their one (and only) 1982 album Roadkill this year, the quartet decided to make a new EP. The record includes the remake of their track “Confusion,” which you can stream below:

“It was so much fun after 30-plus years to be playing again… and feeling like I actually got a tiny bit better!” shared Ben Stiller.

“Nobody recorded simultaneously with anyone else except me,” Roebling explained. “First, Ben and I simply jammed at the studio. From the recordings of those jam sessions, we got some amazing material out of Ben which we then picked through and structured along with my guitar parts into proper songs. From there, Peter Zusi came in from London and recorded some wild progressions and aural textures on his old Les Paul. Peter Swann flew in from Arizona to lay down some melodious bass and also contributed synthesizer to ‘Hot Love.’ Nobody was told exactly what to do for their parts, so each member’s contribution had a marked effect on the direction the songs took, and what ultimately they developed into.”

A translucent blue vinyl version of the EP will be out on November 23rd as part of Record Store Day’s Black Friday. Make sure to mark your calendar cus it’s only limited to 1500 copies worldwide