KWAYE’s New EP ‘Love & Affliction’ Is A Journey Of Self-Discovery

An existential discovery through R&B lens

Photo: Courtesy of They Do PR

Zimbabwe-born, UK artist KWAYE taps into the different journeys of self-discovery and the emotional realizations (and baggage) that come with it in his latest EP Love & Affliction. Using elements of R&B, soul, and pop, KWAYE creates his own groove while channeling his sensitivities. He doesn’t only hover in the philosophical sphere, but also ventures out to his ethnic identity and addresses parts of Black History that get cut off from Western textbooks. Stream below:

After a serendipitous encounter with a former A&R executive while riding an Uber, KWAYE became the first UK signee for Mind of a Genius. He will be performing his debut show at the end of the month in London, so go see him:

10/30 – OMEARA (London, UK)