Akurei Shares His Soul-Searching Single “August” Ft. Golden Vessel

Indietronic for self-rediscovery

Photo: Harry Deadman…what an amazing last name

Aussie artist Akurei shares his own intimate soul searching journey in his new single “August” ft. Golden Vessel. It’s a shimmering indietronic piece where the multiple vocal layers and laidback fluidity of the piece capture the thought streaming process we go through when we’re trying to figure out…life. Stream below:

“Lyrically the song covers how I felt earlier in the year. I’d lost focus and had become unmotivated, and it took me a few months to even understand that. ‘August’ covers the soul searching I did which led to me rediscovering what I wanted to do, what I wanted to be, and trying to find a way to do that.” shared Akurei.

“August” is the title track of Akurei’s EP, which is out now. Check it out: