Amethysts Wants You To Quit Apathy In New Single “How It Is”

“Is that how it is?”

Photo: Lewis Gant

UK duo Amethysts exposes the destructive nature of apathy in their new single “How It Is.” We all know that apathy can serve as a defense mechanism to not get to emotionally attached to things, but laziness can kick in if you start abusing it. “How It Is” is a hypnotic synthpop track that sets you into a buoyant atmosphere where the duo demolishes the mental boundaries that others and we set on ourselves. Stream below:

‘That’s just how it is’ is a phrase that’s thrown around all too easily. You can’t manifest anything positive with negativity. Everything can be changed, anything can be the way you want it to be, if you truly believe in yourself and do something about it. How It Is explores modern life struggles, stigmas and tackling self doubt” shared the band.

Produced by Shuta Shinoda (Daughter, Ghostpoet),“How It Is” is the latest offering of the duo that has become the latest buzz in the UK pop scene. They’ve already accumulated a million online streams with their first few releases as well as garnered various radio airplays and sessions. Their sound is rad as it is.