Elle Hollis’ “Luxury” Is A Lush, Broody Indulgence

Glossy electropop

Photo: Courtesy of Infectious PR

Rising Netherlands-based artist Elle Hollis gives us a taste of her hypnotic vocal charm in her debut electropop single “Luxury.” Maybe it’s a subliminal effect, but there is something about “Luxury” that fills you with a buoyant, elegant air. The groove is glammed up with shimmering synths and Elle’s heartfelt vocals that capture a lush, broody moment – think about those times you’re contemplating while having a glass of wine. Actually, this song is perfect for that occasion:

Elle decided to embark on her music journey during her second year of university while she was majoring in English. She recently signed to Be Yourself Music and will be releasing more new materials soon. Keep her under the radar.