Haulm’s “Loss” Is Dedicated To All The Self-Saboteurs Out There

A dark, upbeat view into the relationship that you destroyed

Photo: Joey Postiglione

It’s inevitable – we all fuck up at least one relationship during the course of our lives. Brooklyn duo Haulm captures our inner self-saboteur tendencies in their new single “Loss,” a subtly ominous and smoky electronic track that moves with a breakneck intensity. “Loss” channels the restlessness and neuroticism that we all go through when we messed up a relationship to the point of no return – but despite this heavy theme, the ethereal atmosphere and hissing choruses draw you like a magnet. Stream below:

“‘Loss’ is about that wall you come up against in a relationship where you feel like you’ve got nothing more to offer,” shared Haulm’s Norton. “It dances around that feeling of self-loathing, where you usually end up ruining the relationship out of self-sabotage.”

Haulm is Norton and Kackley who met by serendipity in 2012 when their former bands opened for each other in Brooklyn. Few years later, Kackley reached out to Norton for a potential collaboration, which eventually led them to launching the Haulm project and a deal with Grand Jury Music. They debuted their single “They Came Along” back in October 2917, which broke 1.5 million Spotify streams. The duo is currently getting ready to release their EP Posture via Grand Jury Music early 2019. Meanwhile, they’ll be touring in November across the US, so see them in person:

11/1 – Flash (Washington, DC, USA)

11/2 – Rough Trade (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

11/6 – Great Scott (Boston, MA, USA)

11/9 – Pike Room (Detroit, MI, USA)

11/10 – East Room (Chicago, IL, USA)

11/13 – The Larimar Lounge (Denver, CO, USA)

11/15 – Moroccan Lounge (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

11/16 – The Rickshaw Stop (San Francisco, CA, USA)