Semi-Throwback Thursday: Fleet Foxes’ Share “Icicle Tusk”

It’s kinda sorta a throwback

Photo: Courtesy of Grandstand Media

Fleet Foxes has unveiled an old song “Icicle Tusk” today, which was originally part of their EP, The Fleet Foxes, that the band self-released back in April 2006. It’s a rare EP since it was released in extremely limited quantity of fewer than 200 copies – so yeah, someone on eBay might be selling it for gazillion dollars. Enjoy:

The track is part of their forthcoming limited-edition First Collection 2006 – 2009, which will be out on November 9th. Watch the trailer below:

First Collection 2006 – 2009 will include content from the early days of Fleet Foxes (full tracklisting below). You can pre-order the collection here.


Fleet Foxes 12”

Side A

  1. Sun It Rises
  2. White Winter Hymnal
  3. Ragged Wood
  4. Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
  5. Quiet Houses
  6. He Doesn’t Know Why

Side B

  1. Heard Them Stirring
  2. Your Protector
  3. Meadlowlarks
  4. Blue Ridge Mountains
  5. Oliver James

Sun Giant 10”

Side A

  1. Sun Giant
  2. Drops in the River
  3. English House

Side B

  1. Mykonos
  2. Innocent Son

The Fleet Foxes EP 10”

Side A

  1. She Got Dressed
  2. In the Hot Hot Rays
  3. Anyone Who’s Anyone

Side B

  1. Textbook Love
  2. So Long to the Headstrong
  3. Icicle Tusk

B-Sides & Rarities 10”

Side A

  1. False Knight On The Road
  2. Silver Dagger
  3. White Lace Regretfully
  4. Isles

Side B

  1. Ragged Wood (transition basement sketch)
  2. He Doesn’t Know Why (basement demo)
  3. English House (basement demo)
  4. Hot Air (basement sketch)