Falcons & B. Lewis’ ‘Daydrift’ Is An EP Made Of R&B, Hip-Hop & Cronies

Featuring P-Lo, Goldlink, & Jazz Cartier

Photo: Mark Peaced

It’s hard to make an R&B record that doesn’t sound so basic – you have to build substance into it that goes beyond the smoky and lingering echo vibes. Falcons and B. Lewis crafts that flavorful substance into their sound in their joint 5-track EP Daydrift, out today on Empire. Integrating elements of hip-hop, chillwave, jazz, and pop with a seamless fluidity, the duo kills off any ADHD lingering in your brain and keeps you hooked like Adderall. Featuring guest artist P-Lo, Goldlink, and Jazz Cartier, Daydrift is a record born out of friendship and sheer love for music:

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