Melby’s “Overthinking” Is For Everyone Who Deep-Fries Their Neurons

It’s a cute song

Photo: Courtesy of Rama Lama Records

If you are the type of person who overthinks everything – especially when it comes to emotions – then Melby’s “Overthinking” is your soundtrack. The Swedish quartet wraps us up into a dreamy popsphere where they swim through the incessant thoughts we often drown ourselves when we like someone or are dealing with our own insecurities. This is where great love stories or tragic existential crisis begins:

“It’s a really cute song, so cute that it almost feels a bit embarrassing to talk about the lyrics. However, they are basically a declaration of love to a person who is very important to me. But I also ended up writing nearly as much about myself. About my own mixture of hubris and bad self esteem, and that I have a hard time feeling sure about anything at all. Musically it’s probably also the cutest song we’ve ever made. I feel that the verses have a tiny bit of melancholy to them, but the choruses are just entirely cosy and warm.” shared Melby’s Are (guitarist/author of the song).

The single is the second taste of their upcoming debut album, which will be out next year. It’s still in the works, so for further details go ask them in person:

11/13 – Slaktkyrkan (Stockholm, Sweden)