Declutter Your Brain With Earhart’s “An Incubator To Grow My Head In”

Indie rock for the overthinkers

Photo: Shane Fennelly

London quartet Earhart captures our primal need to flush out the incessant thoughts, ideas, and information our neurons constantly flood us with in their new single “An Incubator To Grow My Head In.” It’s a quirky indie rock single where the musing riffs and cutting-edge vocals take you on a waltzy self-reflective trip. Stream below:

“It had been growing in the back of my mind for about a year before it really surfaced. Like persistent theme music it was always there. So getting it out was a hugely cathartic process. Putting those thoughts and ideas into song form was the only way to confess them. They say ‘art’ should be vulnerable, and this one is close to the bone, but I hope people can see the humour in it. If it doesn’t make parents sad you must be doing something wrong. Right?” shared frontman Joe Tennant.

The single is out now via Fauna Records and just a taste of what the quartet has in store for us in the upcoming months. Btw, see them in person if you happen to be in London:

11/1 – The Old Blue Last (London, UK)

12/5 – Dalston Victoria (London, UK)