Alex Vargas Crawls To The Breaking Point In “Now That I Think About It”

A ground-level journey through doubt & heartbreak

Photo: Seth Nicolas

Danish artist Alex Vargas takes us into a surrealistic breakup journey in his new video “Now That I Think About It.” Known for his chest-pounding R&B sound, Alex takes a simpler and pop approach in his new track, letting his vocals really capture the inner tug-of-war between our mind and heart after leaving a relationship. The minimalistic background feels worn yet romantic as Alex’ voice booms over the outré production as he tries to process the contradicting emotions that weigh on him. “Now That I Think About It” is a way of time traveling through a relationship that has ended yet its complexity still lingers:

“This is the moment when you realize and reach the final decision to cut the connection to a person you’ve been very close to. When that choice is the last resort for you to get on with your life! But then comes doubt…was this the right thing to do? How is the other person now? And how are you?”

Alex Vargas will start hitting the road at the end of this month, so make sure to see him this winter:

Europe 2018

11/30 – Musikkens Hus (Aalborg, Denmark)

12/1 – MCH Herning Kongrescenter (Herning, Denmark)

12/2 – Copenhagen Opera House (Copenhagen, Denmark)

12/6 – Odeon (Odense, Denmark)

12/7 – Musikhuset Aarhus (Aarhus, Denmark)

12/8 – Portalen (Greve, Denmark)

Europe 2019

1/19 – Bardzo Bardzo (Warsaw, Poland)

1/20 – Chapeau Rouge Prague (Prague, Czech Republic)

1/28 – Papiersaal (Zurich, Switzerland)

1/29 – Musik & Frieden (Berlin, Germany)

2/1 – TivoliVredenburg (Utrecht, Netherlands)

2/6 – The Louisiana (Bristol, UK)

2/7 – Night People (Manchester, UK)

2/28 – Turbinen (Randers, Denmark)

3/1 – Horsens Ny Teater (Horsens, Denmark)

3/2 – Train Live (Aarhus, Denmark)

3/8 – Slagelse Musikhus (Slagelse, Denmark)

3/9 – MantziusLive (Birkerød, Denmark)

3/14 – Vega (Copenhagen, Denmark)

3/15 – Folkets Hus i Struer (Struer, Denmark)

3/16 – Vibocold Arena (Viborg, Denmark)

3/22 – Skråen (Aalborg, Denmark)

3/23 – Kulturhuset Viften (Rødovre, Denmark)

3/28 – Gimle (Roskilde, Denmark)

4/5 – Pavillonen (Grenaa, Denmark)

4/7 – Vejle Musikteater (Vejle, Denmark)