Album Alert: Apropos’ ‘(Verse)atility’ Is Out Now


Photo: Courtesy of Lucid Online

Detroit-based artist Apropos has unveiled his debut album (Verse)atility today – an 11-track journey where Apropos takes us into a waltz between gospel sound and future pop. With a mixture of soul and R&B, Apropos crafts a groovy ambience that hits your emotions at a visceral level. It’s a heartfelt record that courts you with its hypnotic vocals and rhythmic eccentricities that feels classic yet refreshing:

“My goal is to blur the line between classic and contemporary. I like to refer to it as #ModernMotown because my goal is to take Detroit’s classic Motown soul sound and combine it with my fresh and modern sensibility” shared Apropos.

Apropos love for music started during his early years in gospel choir (he’s the son of a minister). Before embarking on his solo venture, Apropos was the lead singer of the Detroit band Soul Divide. Now signed with IAMSOUND and Beverly Martel Music, Apropos is showcasing his sound as a solo artist, drawing influences from his early gospel years as well as current artists.

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