GRDNS Explore Emotional Self-Sabotage In New Single “Hydraulic Lover”

Bad emotional habits are hard to break

Photo: Courtesy of Super Cat PR

UK rockers GRDNS peel the layers of emotional self-sabotage through apathy and deprecation in new psych pop single “Hydraulic Lover.” With its cozy riffs that flood you with adrenaline, “Hydraulic Lover” has a cool poise to it that captures the reflective atmosphere and emotional detachment we often use as defense mechanism in matters of intimacy. Stream below:

“‘Hydraulic Lover’ is about accepting all the bad attitudes, stupid shit and low vibe activities you get up to when you’re young. It’s the idea that some people treat each other like sexbots and the action of love is more hydraulic than passionate” explained frontman Jacob Lyons.

The single is from the band’s upcoming EP Hydraulic Lover, which will be out on November 15th via Dance To The Radio. They will also play a show that day, so go check them out:

11/15 – Salt Beer Factory (Shipley, UK)