Night Lights’ Video “Talk To Me” Is The Epitome Of Millennial Youth

Aka the era of 90s hangover

Photo: Courtesy of Mora May Agency

There’s something so 1990s and 2000s about Night Lights’ new video “Talk To Me” – it resembles every Millennial’s youth years, but at the same time feels far classier than B.B. (before Britney). The LA-based trio hit our nostalgic buttons while fueling us with the modern harmonic hookiness of synthpop with their sassy video. Watch below:

Comprised of members from Mexico, Japan, and Norway, Night Lights is truly an LA band – not just for their cultural hodgepodge, but their chill-out exhilarating sound that captures the Californian sun-kissed breeziness. The trio is currently working on new music, so keep them under your radar.