Sôra Taps Into Twists Of Fate In “Lifestorm”

Synthpop with an unexpected melodic twist

Photo: Courtesy of The Playground PR

French-British artist Sôra taps into the unexpected ways that small events can change our existence in her new synthpop single “Lifestorm.” Starting off with minimalistic beats, “Lifestorm” develops into an unexpected rhythmic body of quirky pop where Sôra drifts between reflection and realization. Stream below:

“‘Lifestorm’ is a very metaphorical song I wrote a few years ago. It’s about turns you take or not take, about things that can change your life like meeting someone or music, in my case. This ‘Lifestorm’ I’m talking about is very positive! I really hope you’ll try and have the chance to live yours.” shared the gal.

The track is from Sôra’s upcoming EP Number One, which will be out on November 23rd via the fashion label Kitsuné.