Donate Your Heart & Body To warner case’s “heart dance” Ft. Spencer Ludwig

An alignment of heart & body

Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

NYC artist warner case teams up with fellow artist Zak Downtown in new single “heart dance,” the follow up of their previous banger “good time.” With subtle tropical infusions, “heart dance” is a dancefloor-ready party anthem that exists for the pure joy of making your body flirt with the infectious beats. This is the sound of your body and heart aligning:

“Both of these tracks started as instrumentals, but I couldn’t work out how to finish them. I’m not one for serendipity, but within a few days of writing the instrumentals for both tracks, I coincidentally ran into the people who would end up helping me finish them. Zak I bumped into on the street and Spencer at a party. That’s also why I chose to call the EP good time heart dance; it reminds me of Chinatown massage parlor ads, and the spontaneous, unpolished beauty that create a large part of NYC’s living, breathing energy.” shared warner case.

“I love writing songs that make you want to dance and that is what warner’s music is all about.” explained Spencer. “That said it was very important for me to be able to find a new way to say a familiar message. As I was playing around with words, ‘heart dance’ came to mind as something I’ve never heard before but was also something I immediately understood. Once the concept was locked in the song virtually wrote itself.”

warner has a show coming up soon, so go see him:

11/17 – Make Believe (New York, NY, USA)