Huntly Fuels Our Sass & Dance Spirits With New Video “Wiggle”

Your poolside anthem

Photo: Courtesy of Grandstand Media

Aussie trio Huntly sends our bootys shaking to the dancefloor with their new video “Wiggle.” It’s color porn – and we mean it in the most non-sexual way possible. “Wiggle” has all the chromatic fashion, color coordination, and cool poise that makes it an irresistible cinematic pop art. Directed by Gianna Mazzeo and shot by Amy Dellar, “Wiggle” hits your reward center like your favorite childhood cartoon used to:

“‘Wiggle’ is the poolside-banger track of the record.” explained lead singer Elspeth.

Huntly has some shows coming later this month:

11/22 – Loop Project Space & Bar (Melbourne, Australia)

11/24 – Signal (Melbourne, Australia)