Addiction Is A Self-Destructive Happiness In Shoji’s “Bliss”

Dreamy electronica

Photo: Courtesy of Charmfactory

London duo Shoji leave us suspending in the dreamy and time-numbing state that addiction can induce with their new single “Bliss.” The track as a whole is a metaphor of the temporary relief that addiction can offer, but also its fatal effects. With a pinch of folk, Shoji constructs a starry-eyed soundscape with ominous undertones that nail the conscious self-destruction we pay for the price of bliss:

“The lyric ‘Devil’s Acre’ is a metaphor for being stuck in a claustrophobic headspace. The line came from a poetry book that Josh read and it immediately struck a chord. The contrast of the last line ‘I know I’ll stay as long as I feel Bliss’ plays with the idea of addiction and using vices to self remedy. The track title ‘Bliss’ we wanted to use as a contrast for the meaning of the lyrics to symbolise being in a dream state.” shared the duo.

Comprised of Josh Oliver and Alex Arcoleo, the duo met while they were in school together and decided to songsmith in the summer of 2017. Their debut single “To The Start” received raving reviews from the press across the world. Shoji is getting ready to drop more tunes n 2019, so hold tight.