Learn To Rock A Lion Onesie With Alfie Templeman’s “Like An Animal”

It looks very comfy

Photo: Dan Kendall

UK artist Alife Templeman fulfills all of our dreams in his new video “Like An Animal” – and by dreams, we mean wearing a lion onesie while strolling across our neighborhood. Directed by The Marshall Darlings, “Like An Animal” was shot in Alfie’s hometown Carlton, where he still lives with his parents (he’s 15). Watch below:

“We wanted to capture the energy of ‘Like an Animal’ in a very upbeat, energetic video. I wanted to film in my hometown because it gives an insight to my surroundings and influences as well. It’s pretty funny having a lion running around a tiny little village singing indie music. Lions are cool and so is this song; two birds with one stone!” shared Alfie.

The track is is from Alfie’s upcoming debut EP, Like An Animal, which is out and can be streamed below:

Born into a family of musicians, Alfie put together the whole EP in his bedroom…and he’s only 15. Wtf…