Lets Procrastinate Further In Solving Our Issues With Half An Orange’s “Buzz Lightyear”

You might as well enjoy procrastination with a banger

Photo: Courtesy of Cent Pour Cent

If you fall into the category of species that procrastinate in dealing with your problems, then Half an Orange’s “Buzz Lightyear” is the new banger that you’ll be playing while doing absolutely everything except addressing those issues. The electronic duo builds a gorgeous, moody atmosphere where nail the guilt, nostalgia, and wistfulness that clouds our minds when we continue hoarding baggage. Stream below:

“The song ‘Buzz Lightyear’ is about wishing you could fly away from your problems and situation but you can’t because your mistakes and baggage are weighing you down.” shared the duo.

Comprised of Andrew Spellman and Michael Maloof, Half an Orange is an Ohio-based act that is mostly known for their viral hit “Old Friends” ft. Blonde Maze. They’re named after the Brazilian expression “metade da laranja” (“half an orange”), which means that everyone is half an orange seeking for that one individual or thing that makes them complete.