Oya Paya’s “Where Is The Line” Feels Like Torture/Eargasm At The Same Time

We. Are. Confused.

Photo: Audun Laading

Have you ever got laid with someone you hate, but the sex was fantastic? It’s the most confusing experience in the world – far more than building an Ikea furniture. Oya Paya evokes hat same sensation with their latest single “Where Is The Line.” It’s an indie pop piece, which some may argue as being an art pop piece as well…but honestly, we would categorize it as ‘cheery melancholic pop.’ Built on an incessant punchy rhythm and bursting choruses, “Where Is The Line” rocks and sucks at the same time. It feels too chaotic yet you can’t quit it – it’s a love/hate relationship:

“While the lyrical aspect of the song tells a story of being taking advantage of, the composition was crafted with happy and uplifting overtones to mask the sense of irony. Recorded whilst we were in separate countries, against our wishes, this fuelled the frustration that pushed us into making it.” explained the band.

So Oya Paya are a Liverpool band comprised of Ashwin, Saam and Maxime who come from all corners of the globe (Singapore, France, Iran, England). They describe their sound as ‘alternative and spicy,’ which is true…their music is like a bottle of spicy sauce. It tortures you but at the same time it’s motherfucking delicious. The band has a show coming up in Manchester, so go see them:

11/30 – HIVE Manchester (Manchester, UK)