Leo Islo Takes Us Through The Five Grieving Stages Of Change In “Retrograde Now”

Bittersweet banger

Photo: Courtesy of Love By Mistake

Chile-born, American artist Leo Islo digs into the emotional weight and reflection of change in his new single “Retrograde Now.” We all heard about the Kübler-Ross model or the five stages of grief: denial anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Leo walks us through each emotion that we experience when we realize how much we’ve changed – especially in a relationship. . “It’s like there’s something in my heart that is not the same” chants Leo. Suspended in a chest-swelling intensity, “Retrograde Now” captures the shocking realization that even something as strong as love wasn’t spared from our own nature to change:

“I wanted to express what it’s like to love someone even after the realization that you have little in common other than the past you share,” shared Leo. “Getting older, you see people change; you see fault-lines develop under bridges you’ve built- and sometimes you take a step back, look in the mirror and realize you’ve changed, too. It was cathartic writing this song for that reason.”

Leo is currently working on new music in his Portland basement studio, so make sure to keep up with him via FB and IG.