aiwake Taps Into The Lonely Instant Nature Of Modern Relationships In “Palm City”

A dark blend of R&B and electronica

Photo: Courtesy of Fussy By Day

Smearing the darkest colors of R&B onto his canvass while adding tints of electronica, aiwake give us an emotionally distorted picture of loneliness in his new single “Palm City.” It’s lush and reflective track of the instant nature of modern relationships and the long-term consequences of it. You felt it before – there are plenty of fishes in the sea, yet even around them you feel inexplicably lonely. It’s a crowded type of loneliness and as weird as it sounds, you feel far more alone than ever:

“The rushing, burning and evolving synth work is driven by an off kilter bounce made as a moving backdrop for the metaphoric lyrics and ambient vocal. The song is an exploration into the peaks and valleys of having short intense relationships, while feeling lonely in a crowd. The emotions that accompany such an experience are often hard to read as two people dance around concepts of flow and commitment. Hope, intrigue, wistfulness; these feelings rush around with a large dose of uncertainty at the core. Peering through the noise, it is usually the case that both parties involved are much closer to being on the same page than either can truly comprehend.” shared aiwake.

aiwake is a mysterious Toronto-based duo who keeps a low profile for now. “Palm City” is out now via Majestic Casual Records.