Kidsun Gives Us A Dose Of Eerie Exhilaration With “Bad Dreams”

Where ominous rock meets indietronica

Photo: Courtesy of Lucid Online

Kidsun nails our personal, apocalypse that our brains dump into our consciousness sporadically in his new single “Bad Dreams.” Channeling the ominous atmosphere of gritty rock embellished with electromagnetic thrills, “Bad Dreams” is an irresistible rhythmic force that crawls into your skin. Stream below:

“Bad Dreams” is the title track of his debut EP, which is formally in the works. Ben Kidsun is the 23-year-old mastermind behind Kidsun, who started playing music as early as the age of eight. Kidsun did not grow in a music environment, but he taught himself and even skipped class to learn to play drums. And although he got caught and was advised ‘give up on music and study history at university’ by his career advisor and parents, he continued sonsgsmithing. We don’t know when Kidsun’s EP is going to arrive, but keep your ears out.