OK Button Drop Anti-Materialism Synthpop Anthem “Beds”

Materialism is poison for the soul

Photo: Courtesy of Lost Art Agency

In the current Digital Age, materialism is becoming a universal epidemic that is spreading like wildflower through Instagram posts and reality shows. Scottish trio addresses this form of ADHD in their new single “Beds” where they give us the harsh reality of how our media and materialistic consumption is a form of distraction from fixing our environment – or even our lives. Built on ethereal synths and glowing choruses, “Beds” has an inflatable quality to it that keeps growing in you as you dive into it deeper. Watch below:

“We’ve become so consumed by technology and materialism that we’re often totally distracted from what’s happening right in front of us. Beds reflects on how we go through the motions while the world is falling to pieces around us” explained singer Amber, “It’s important that we acknowledge that in order to move forward. The chorus is darkly sarcastic but, on another level, it refers to having the strength to carry on when you’re awake. Every day we wake up and have another shot at doing something useful which is a win.”

Comprised of Amber Wilson, Nass Donald, and Adam Falkner, OK Button formed by a chance encounter. Adam met Amber during her acoustic performance in her native Aberdeen and quickly formed a friendship that became a collaborative project. The duo later welcomed multi-instrumentalist Nass Donald, becoming the full package. If you happen to be in Glasgow around on the 20th this month, make sure to check out their live debut.

11/20 – The Poetry Club (Glasgow, UK)