Soul Island’s “Neon Vision” Is The Sound Of Pop & Shoegaze Pixelated Together

Your new ADHD song

Courtesy of The Playground

Italian-born, London-based artist Soul Island disintegrates and collides the sound of synthpop and shoegaze together in his new single “Neon Vision.” It’s a mesmeric melodic ride where Soul Island takes you into a synthgasmic collage of fragmented beats and samples that somehow coexist harmoniously. The track sounds chopped, but there is no cacophony to it – instead their colliding dynamics yield an exhilarating flow that you indulge without hesitation. Dive in:

“I wrote this with long-distance relationships in mind and the screen glows of endless video calls. The getting lost in thoughts of affection and detachment as I’d walk under the night lights of high street venues and shops in London. No one is real enough through a screen and easily killed by a simple key press, pixels melting into digital tears.” shared Soul Island.

Daniele De Matteis is the mastermind behind Soul Island who is currently working on his LP Shards, which will be out on December 7th via Loyal To Your Dreams.