Jenna Lotti’s “Better In The Morning” Is Pop Pill For Anxiety

It does get better in the morning

Photo: Paige Sara

Boston-raised, LA-transplant Jenna Lotti give us a soothing break from anxiety and depression with her new pop piece “Better In The Morning.” With a celestial intensity, “Better In The Morning” exudes the serene yet bold energy of self-empowerment with the mantric phrase “Still hoping it might be / Better in the morning.” Stream below:

“‘Better in the Morning’ is about my journey from Boston to Los Angeles. Last year, my husband and I packed up everything and drove across the country to Los Angeles. It’s a very honest and personal song about how hard it is to be away from all of your family and friends to follow a dream. It’s about the different stages of self-doubt that you inevitably go through when taking big risks. The title is a self soothing mantra that we use to get through the tough days. I wrote this song with my friends Dan Richards & Jarl Aanestad.”

Jenna grew up writing poetry as a coping mechanism with depression and anxiety, which eventually became her songs. She’s been making waves across the East Coast pop scene in the past few years and was even nominated for “Pop Act of the Year” by the Boston Music Awards in 2017. Make sure to keep the gal under your radar.