Artifact Collective’s “Time For This” Is For All You Ghostees Out There

Ghosted? Join the club

Photo: Courtesy of Outpost Media

Danish six-piece act Artifact Collective help us rock out the surreal experience of being ghosted in their new R&B single “Time For This.” The track radiates the multi-layered emotions of wanting someone who is demolishing your pride by completely ignoring you. You kind want them, but at the same time resent them:

“‘Time For This’ is a song about being ghosted by someone you love and have been with for a long time. It’s the feeling of being the one who continues to fight to make the relationship work while your partner has given up on you.” explained the band.

Artifact Collective’s previous works have accumulated extensive support from the Danish hit music station DR P3 and made waves across Northern Europe. They’ve recently signed to No3 label, which also includes artists such as CHINAH and Kill J.