Cher’s “Believe” Is Stuck In Our Brains Thanks To Chez Moi

“Do you believe in life after love?”

Photo: Courtesy of Impulse Artists

At some point in your life you came across Cher’s “Believe” and it got ingrained into your brain so deeply (like deeper than any childhood trauma) that sometimes the song would sporadically play in your head. Released back in 1998, “Believe” has been haunting us for more than a decade – this weird phenomenon started fading around 2015ish until Chez Moi decided to bring it back again. Covering the iconic and most sticky song of humanity, Chez is adding his own emotional and mellow cinematic flair to it. Enjoy:

Chez Moi is the pop/funk duo comprised of Capital Cities’ vocalist Ryan Merchant and producer Adam Friedman. “One night we were having an after party in the Chez Moi studio and someone suggested that we play ‘Believe’ by Cher on the piano,” explains Ryan Merchant. “Hearing the song in its raw form, we realized how beautifully written it is and decided to produce a slowed down, cinematic cover that showcased the incredible songwriting.”

Adam and Ryan’s bromance started back in 2017 while working on Mike Posner’s album during a retreat in Colorado. Since then, they’ve teamed up with each other and bunch of other collaborators for their new duo project. They will be dropping more beats starting early next year.