Son Nestles Us Into The Tricky Tipping Point Of Infatuation In “No Man”

Urban pop x hip-hop

Photo: Courtesy of Whiteboard PR

LA-based artist Son addresses the emotional risk and bliss of infatuation in his new single “No Man.” It’s a steamy infusion of pop and hip-hop where Son keeps a cool vocal poise, but also channels the haunting obsession with someone who holds the power over him. Stream below:

“‘No Man’ is a smooth and sexy blend of urban pop and modern hip hop,” explained Son, “I wrote it about being infatuated with a girl who I perceived to be fiercely independent. There was an admiration of her beauty and her persona but also an intimidation that I would not have much to offer her that she could not get already. The song is an interesting blend of being completely smitten by someone, but also trying to hold close to your pride and not become too infatuated with the person.”

Expect to hear more from the rising artist in the upcoming months.