Calamity The Kid Fights Off The Millennial Apathy Epidemic In “Die Young”

Dear Generation Z: It doesn’t get better.

Photo: Courtesy of Purple Bite

From the disillusionment of the American dream to skyrocketing apathy, Calamity the Kid has been giving psychoanalysis of the Millennial generation with his songs. We were brainwashed into believing that a college degree will solve our career, home, and even personal issues – that shit really hit the fan. And just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, guess who’s the president? As a defense mechanism, many Millennials have been using sarcasm and apathy to survive. Calamity the Kid tries to address the long term fatal effects of being in an auto-pilot apathetic state with his single “Die Young.” Millennials, grab a tissue cus this video is about to get very personal. And Generation Z, take notes. This is you in 3 years:

“You are 26 years old. You followed the plan. You did your best in high school and you graduated from college. You’re full of dreams, ready to “enter the world.” But somehow you’re living back at your mom’s house with the old band posters still on the walls of your room. Your mother’s nightly news, your unpaid college debt and your unpaid internship is not what America promised. Welcome home.” explained Calamity.

“Die Young” is from the band’s upcoming debut EP Late Bloomer, which you can stream below:

Calamity the Kid is an LA-based band comprised of Sam Doniger (vocals/guitar), Jack Gallagher (bass), and Ben Zelico (drums).