Celebrate Your D- In Meeting Conventional Expectations With EZI’s “Family Tree”

R&B for all of us who proudly failed

Photo by Kelia Anne

LA-based artist EZI give us the raw picture of modern 20-somethings in her new single “Family Tree” where she embarks on a reflective journey of expectations vs. reality. It’s a chill track where EZI’s vocals adds a layer of lush and wistfulness to the melody as she visits all the notions, expectations and roles that were imposed on her while growing up. Stream below:

In regards to the song, EZI explained, “The ‘you’ in the song isn’t a particular person. It’s about my experiences, my own relationships, observations. This song isn’t me saying that conventional traditions like marriage are bad rather that the ideologies and emotions associated with them aren’t so black and white.” EZI continues, “I was raised very conservative by immigrant parents. I was taught to think that my adulthood would be me going to college, getting married, settling down and having a family in my twenties. I realize now though that a lot of these expectations put on me as a young women were projections of a past generation’s experiences. Being 23 my life couldn’t be more different.”

“Family Tree” is from EZI’s upcoming EP, which will be out on 5 Town Records. Born Esther Zyskind, EZI started her acting career as a child and began writing songs by the age of 16. She was named the face of Steve Madden’s national Madden Girl campaign this August, becoming the first artist to do so. You can catch EZI live in January:

1/26 – Elsewhere (Zone One) (Brooklyn, NY, USA)