44 Ardent’s “Fading 22” Is The Sound Of Artificial Nature

The sound of nature in electronic form

Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

Mysterious Aussie producer 44 Ardent brings a dark and mesmerizing synthphony into our ears with his debut single “Fading 22.” Think of the song as a retreat into the nature without having to pay for an overpriced cabin and worry about bears (although bugs are the real enemy). Shifting between quiet interludes and thundering moments, 44 Ardent has created the ultimate sound of artificial nature:

“Remote rainforests in the dead of night. Thunder echoing over a valley as lightning flashes overhead. Waves crashing onto jagged rocks in a storm. These are the things that have inspired ‘Fading 22’” shared 44 Ardent.

44 Ardent chooses to remain nameless for now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯