Big Data Shows Us How AI Will Take Over Humanity In New Video

And you can blame the musicians

Photo: Justin Jackson

We all think that we’ll be blaming engineers and scientists for whatever impending cyber-related apocalypse that will befell on us in the future. But the truth is if there are any human subspecies that will lead us to eternal doom, it will be the musicians. And Big Data’s latest video “Monster” ft. Jamie Lidell is the solid proof. It’s one humorous and banging piece of pop that deceives you into thinking that it was made for you to blast it into any of your ASS (any surrounding setting), but it’s a foreshadow of the upcoming madness:

“’Monster’ is the A.I. Frankenstein story of 3.0,” explained Big Data. “The singer is the data scientist who, drunk on his own ambition, is racing towards engineering the first super-intelligent A.I. Upon achieving his goal, however, he realizes that he has created a monster, and it will soon be his demise.”

Alan Wilkis is the mastermind behind Big Data who became obsessed (like nerd-obsessed) with artificial intelligence and all the possible apocalyptic scenarios that it could bring. And instead of channeling his obsession on Reddit like a basic nerd, he decided to make a record titled 3.0, which will be out next February.