HARMS’ “Car Outside” Is A Dark-Swelling Pop Of NY’s Grandeur

A Lynchian-like pop

Photo: Courtesy of Good Eye Records

Brooklyn-based artist HARMS takes us through a hazy journey of the glamour and grandiosity of New York in his new single “Car Outside.” It has a Lynchian-like darkness where HARMS navigates through various landscapes that are filled with nostalgia, longing for happiness, and the unknown. Stream below:

“‘Car Outside’ is the first song I wrote for the Aquarium EP – started upstate in the woods, in Cold Spring, finished at my first apartment in Bushwick. In my mind, it’s a series of classic images — a chorus that asks someone for a chance at happiness, and an ending that asks an open-ended, unanswerable question. It plays like a series of fragmented movie scenes to me, like a Lynchian drama.” explained HARMS.

Jake Harms is the mastermind behind HARMS, who is also a member of the band What Moon Things. Jake launched the project as a solo creative outlet for songs and ideas he’s been hoarding over the years. “Car Outside” is from his upcoming debut EP Aquarium, which is largely inspired by HARMS’ own experience living in New York. “Walking around the streets of the city felt like being at an aquarium,” shared HARMS. “The pressure from millions of thoughts and bodies pushing against glass that just barely separates you from them. The sound and feeling are shaped by riding the subways in Brooklyn, hearing sirens, scrapes, voices filter in to the space in my arrangements, the space in my headphones.”

Aquarium will be out on November 30th via Good Eye Records.