Amethysts’ “Imitate Me” Is A Diss Kiss To The Rat Race

Specifically, the music industry

Photo: Courtesy of Luna PR

UK duo Amethysts has released their new double A-Side, “How It Is / Imitate Me.” With “How It Is,” the duo took us into an emotional ride through dreamy atmospheric pop – but with “Imitate Me” they show more grit and edginess. It’s a sweet diss track to the music industry, which seems to bring out the worst, and often times the best (like this song), in people:

“Imitate me delves into the cutthroat world of the music industry,” explained the duo. “This is our first diss track. It alludes to the competitive side of the industry, and how often ego’s get in the way, and bands try to get one up on each other, instead of working together to make the scene a nicer place.”

Produced by Matt Miligan and Shuta Shinoda (Daughter, Ghostpoet), “Imitate Me” is out now in all digital platforms. Make sure to see the duo in person next year:

1/25 – Nine Jars Hotel & Bistro (Haverhill, UK)