In Case Of Spiritual Emergency, Play Taylor Janzen’s “New Mercies”

Existential pop for believers & atheists alike

Photo: Sergio Necoechea

Canadian singer Taylor Janzen takes us through the self-trials of spiritual quest that we all go through and continue til our mortality line in her new single “New Mercies.” It’s an upliftingly comforting single where Taylor walks us through the spiritual rollercoaster we face daily. Stream below:

“I wrote New Mercies as a way to entertain my cynicism a little bit. I was feeling really spiritually lost (honestly when am I not?) and that’s what the song is about… a deep disconnect between my spiritual self and the faith I grew up with, and trying to find something to bring them together somehow. This is also my first song being released with a full band, and recorded in a real studio as opposed to a bedroom. Having a band really helped capture the frantic and frustrated energy of the lyrics and overall vibe of the song.”

Originally from Winnipeg, Taylor is a 19-year-old artist who broke into the scene with her debut EP Interpersonal, which acquired critical acclaim from major media. She is currently working on her sophomore EP and will be performing at SXSW and Shaky Knees Festival in 2019.