It’s Time For A Zen Break With MDWS’ “Clouds”

Pronounced as “meadows”

Photo: Courtesy of Love By Mistake

Aussie artist MDWS takes us into nirvanic state of mind with his new single “Clouds” and like it’s title, the song sounds exactly like a heavenly body of picturesque smoke. Warm and chillaxing yet rich with addictive hooks and loops, “Clouds” is auditory therapy:

“‘Clouds’ is about a time I watched the sunrise alone in Gold Coast. After returning to my apartment after a late night out, I walked out onto my balcony instead of heading to bed. As the sun started to rise and I stared at the ocean below me, I remember suddenly feeling weightless. It was as if I was sitting amongst the clouds. And for some reason I felt completely free in that moment. I think I wrote ‘Clouds’ because I was chasing after the feeling I had that one morning.” shared MDWS

Callum Meadows is the mastermind behind MDWS who grew up in a musical household in New Zealand’s North Island. Deriving influences from artists such as Flume, Frank Ocean, and James Blake, MDWS is mostly known for his viral single “Circles,” which has amassed more than 5 million Spotify release. “Clouds” is just a taste of his upcoming debut EP that is still under works.