Illiterate Light’s “Nuthin’s Fair” Is Our Life Mood

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Photo: Courtesy of The Syndicate

NY duo Illiterate Light (Jeff Gorman and Jake Cochran) gives us a taste of their upcoming debut EP Sweet Beast with a new single titled “Nuthin’s Fair” – which pretty much sums up one of our most auto-piloted responses towards life. Blending the raw elements of garage with adrenaline-kicking riffs, “Nuthin’s Fair” channels the vigorous energy of dissatisfaction while delivering a highly satisfactory hook to indulge:

Discussing the song, Gorman notes, “It feels like the world needs hope right now.  This song (climaxing with the line “I hate it all”) is downright angst-y and hopeless, but the truth is that when you’re down, it’s so damn helpful to say you’re down. And when we’re all down, it’s incredible to scream it at the top of our lungs and hear a thousand others scream along together.”

Sweet Beast will be out on January 28th, but the duo will start hitting the road way before that. Make sure to catch them live:

North America 2018

12/5 – Georgia Theater (Athens, GA, USA)

12/6 – The Wilbury (Tallahassee, FL, USA)

12/7 – High Dive (Gainesville, FL, USA)

12/8 – Corwbar (Tampa, FL, USA)

12/9 – Will’s Pub (Orlando, FL, USA)

12/10 – Jack Rabbits Live (Jacksonville, FL, USA)

12/12 – Mercy Lounge (Nashville, TN, USA)

North America 2019

1/27 – Broadberry (Richmond, VA, USA)

5/3-5 – Shaky Knees Festival (Atlanta, GA, USA)