Munnycat’s “Check It” Is Your Ultimate Defense Song Against Sh*tty Juju

Cus some people won’t ever get their sh*t together

Photo: Michael Delaney

It’s impossible to have all your shit together, but it’s crucial to have some amount of shit together to function in society and not be a toxic piece of shit to others. As far as getting-shit-together-goes, it’s part of the process for you to avoid those parasitic subspecies of humans who try to dump more existential diarrhea onto your plate. LA-based pop duo Munnycat captures the importance of weeding out these people in their new sassy breakbeat single “Check It.” It’s a breakneck track that hits your reward center immediately for its rhythmic versatility and highly charged IDGAF-attitude. Stream below:

“Giving your attention and affection to some people is like a drug – but some of them can’t handle their shit. This song is all about self-preservation against energy vampires but also – it’s a reminder that if you’re bringing good energy you’ll always get more of it back.” explained Munnycat. “A fun production note – The part of the bridge that sounds like a squealy synth is actually Khaledzou singing ‘neener neener neener’ into a chain of guitar pedals.”

You don’t know Munnycat, but you heard of their songs from Fenty Beauty, eBay, Google, and even Target ads. Comprised of producers K808 and Khaledzou, the duo apparently ‘joined forces to blur the lines between sugary-sweet pop and golden-age hip hop. The result is something inventive, unique, and completely infectious’ according to Facebook. Keep Munnycat under your radar as this duo could be dropping any golden sweet pop/hip-hop mutation anytime.