Night Flight Reveals The Vicious Nature Of Motivation In “Forever And”

It hits and leaves whenever it wants

Photo: Ross Gamble

London indie folk quartet Night Flight captures the frustrating attempts to motivate someone when you’re also struggling with your own motivation in new single “Forever And.” It’s a warm piece where the moody yet glimmering riffs and raw lyrics cut right through the centerpiece of our emotions (or in this case, the lack of):

“‘Forever And’ is a frustrated attempt to motivate someone. To combat their lack of ambition and retreat into self-doubt, but realising I am not fully equipped to do so.” explained frntman Sam Holmes.

The single is from the band’s upcoming debut self-titled album, which will be out this Friday December 7th. “This is far more expansive and triumphant,” explained Holmes of the album. “It’s more acerbic in its lyrics, looking at the world in more of a caustic manner. It’s about pursuing your dream with everything that comes along with that. The judgement, the looks, the glares and the people talking around you – but ignoring it all to pursue what you’re doing.”