Anna Shoemaker Teaches Us That Silence Is A Romance Killer In New Single

Words hurt. Silence kills.

Photo: Jasper Soloff

Rising NY artist Anna Shoemaker teaches us the detrimental effect that silence can have in intimate human bond in her new single “Want Something, Say Something.” It’s an R&B-coated piece of intricate pop where Anna’s vocals are the real honey within the melody that captures the frustrations, loss, and growth that comes with the experience. Watch the video below:

“I think being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t know what they want or doesn’t know how to communicate what they want is really painful. I dated someone in college who really messed with my head like that and it broke me a bit. I wrote ‘Want Something, Say Something’ years later when I was recording my EP, East Side, in Nashville. I’d had enough time to step away from the situation, so writing this song was my way of saying what I wanted to say without actually speaking to the person who hurt me. It was more for myself than anyone.” explained Ana.

She further went on to explain, “I shot the video with my friend Chloe Corner. We wanted the video to be of me making my way to someone’s apartment to represent the song as sort of a pre thought to whatever conversation is going to take place between me and the person I’m going to, if that makes sense? I loved working with Chloe on this because I’ve known her since I was really young. Since this song is so personal to me I think working with her made it really easy to be emotional and do what I needed to do to represent the song well.”

The track is from her recently released EP, which was recorded with Grammy-nominated producer JT Daly. Signed to 5Town Records, Anna was chosen as Steve Madden’s Emerging Artist of the year. She currently has a show coming up next month, so go see her:

1/8 – Arlene’s Grocery (New York, NY, USA)