Chloe Lilac Taps Into Hookup Culture-Bred Objectification In “Heartbreak City”

Soulful pop

Photo: Noah Sahady

Brooklyn artist Chloe Lilac addresses the gender objectification that the modern hookup culture seems to breed in her new single “Heartbreak City.” With a laidback melodic skeleton and subtle smokiness in the background, “Heartbreak City” throbs with a reflective fashion where Chloe’s soothingly raspy vocals pours out the emotions and thoughts we often repress in the face of modern romance. Watch the video below:

“‘Heartbreak City’ is a song about the ways hookup culture in new york city has objectified myself and other young women I know. Specifically it’s about one guy who really showed me how gross hookup culture can be.”

You probably heard of Chloe for her viral single “Summer,” which already broke 1 million Spotify streams. The gal is currently supporting Sasha Sloan in the most heartbreak cities in America:

12/5 – Moroccan Lounge (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

12/6 – Mercury Lounge (New York, NY, USA)