Donate Your Heartbreak To Trevor Dahl’s (Cheat Codes) Solo Single “Think About Us”

“You hit me with the unfollow, now baby girl I feel hollow”

Photo: Courtesy of 300 Entertainment

Before bidding adios to 2018, Cheat Codes’ Trevor Dahl has unveiled his solo single “Think About Us” as a preview of what he may have in store for us in 2019 aside from Cheat Codes. The track is an electropop piece that is pure-Trevor – and we know this coz he said “I’m the only person touching the songs from start to finish, which is rare.” From social media references to universal longing, “Think About Us” is the breakup song of Millennial + Gen z dating world:

“Think About Us” is based on Trevor’s latest breakup, which kinda feels like our own as well. We’ve done things that seem petty like unfollowing (but stalking again) exes on Instagram, but it’s part of the get-over process we all go through. Trevor will be unveiling more of his solo works in the upcoming year, so keep him under your radar.