Shookrah’s “Flex” Is Neo-Soul Born Out Of Irish Vogue-Balls & Drag Culture

Can it get more fabulous than this?

Photo: Miki Barlok

Irish neo-soul quintet injects us with flamboyant sass with their latest single “Flex” – an invigorating tune that exudes all the nostalgic sparks of 90s R&B with a modern lush twist. It’s the type of song you’ll find yourself dancing at 2am as the drag queen takes over the DJ booth – you may or may not remember the song, but you’ll remember the song:

“The song’s braggadocious theme is inspired by the emerging vogue-balls and drag culture in Ireland, specifically in Cork, where I recently stole the Drag-Queen title of ‘Miss Opulence’ at Miss Candy Warhol’s annual event. The song for me reimagines these safely created spaces amongst friends, ripe for invoking your most confident self, and falling prey to the music. ‘Flex’ very much embodies that, you’ve got Nile Rodgers-esque guitar picking contrasted with the devilish call of the synths and bass in the chorus alongside spooky vocals.” Explained lead vocalist Senita Appiakorang.

Comprised of Senita, Emmet O’Riabhaigh (drums), Daniel Coughlan (guitar), Diarmait MacCarthaigh (keyboard) and Brian Dunlea (bass guitar), Shookrah are currently based in Cork, Ireland. The quintet has been making waves across international media and taking over the live scene in Ireland. Keep the quintet under your radar as there’s more to come next year.