Maggie Lindemann Takes Us Into Her Personal Wonderland In New Video “Would I”

An anti-depression anthem

Photo: Courtesy of 300 Entertainment

Alternative poptress Maggie Lindemann shares a glimpse into her personal wonderland in her debut video “Would I.” The track addresses mental health where Maggie shares her own struggles with depression. The video showcases stunning dreamy visuals where Maggie make us come face-to-face with individuals who have also endured such mental hardships. Watch below:

“‘Would I’ is about the inner struggles you face when dealing with mental illness, mine being depression for this song. Not feeling good enough, not feeling like you deserve love or happiness. Struggling with how to find yourself and trying to find happiness in substances. Going out every night to forget real life or even forget your name. It’s just about feeling hopeless and wanting a way out. I want people to realize mental health IS very serious. People need to stop being so hard on each other and start loving on each other.” shared Maggie.

Having already accumulated more than 700 million streams, Maggie is known for her 2017 hit single “Pretty Girl.” Maggie has been songsmithing in the studio in the past few months, so expect to hear more from the songstress soon.