Pizzagirl’s “Pizza For Christmas” Is Very Emotional

Even though it sounds amazing

Photo: Courtesy of Super Cat PR

Not everyone gets to luxuriate in the company of our loved ones during Xmas – if such is the case, then it’s better to eat pizza. UK artist Pizzagirl channels that feeling of loneliness and longing that we can feel during this holiday season in his new emotional single “Pizza For Christmas.” Although pizza for Xmas sounds amazing for some of us (it’s like sex…even the bad ones are still pretty good), it also serves as a sign that we need to a) plan better and b) make more friends:

“The winter winds have destroyed your phone line, the internet’s down and you’re snowed in, PLUS your baby can’t make it this Christmas. You slump to your freezer after burning that turkey you slaved over and it finally hits you, you’re eating Pizza for Christmas” shared Pizzagirl.

All proceeds from sales on Bandcamp will go to Clair House Children’s Hospice, so get your own “Pizza For Christmas.”