Safia’s New Video “Starlight” Is Intergalactic Yoga For Your Mind

A cosmic stretch for your imagination

Photo: Courtesy of Ihart PR

As we approach the end of the year, it’s crucial to start procrastinating harder than before – whatever shit gets stacked onto your plate, you can put them under your 2019 new year’s resolution list. And what better way to procrastinate than watch mind-dazzling videos that take you to another space and time? Australian trio Safia stretches the ends of our imagination to cosmic levels with their new video “Starlight.” It’s kaleidoscopic, super distracting, and has all the neon lights/pattern that your ADHD can feast on:

“At its heart ‘Starlight’ is a song about letting go, all the creative choices represent that sentiment so we wanted to create a video that continued on with that theme. For this reason, we wanted to make something that was world building and indicative of the song’s journey. Hopefully, this cosmic visual journey created will encourage you to get lost in the world of ‘Starlight’” shared the trio.

Comprised of Ben Woolner (vocals), Michael Bell (drums) and Harry Sayers (guitars, synths), Safia broke into the scene with their features on Alison Wonderland’s “Take It To Reality” and Peking Duk’s “Take Me Over” back in 2015. The following year saw the debut of their album Internal, which topped #2 on the ARIA album charts #1 on iTunes. Since then, they’ve done sold-out national tours, millions of streams, and all the good stuff. They’re currently touring China:

12/12 – Mao Livehouse (Shanghai, China)

12/13 – Mao Livehouse (Hangzhou, China)

12/15 – Hou Live (Shenzhen, China)

12/16 – Omni Space (Beijing, China)

12/28 – Beyond The Valley (Lardner, Australia)

12/3 0 – Origin Fields (Perth, Australia)

1/12 – For Shore (Sandstone Point, Australia)

1/26 – The Goods (Hobart, Australia)